The SMART-BOX machines offered by our company are used to issue production tools, protective measures at work, materials and other items and products that are subject to rotation during work. Vending machines for the distribution of health and safety articles act as a warehouse so it is worth placing them in visible places, so that each employee has easy access to them. Thanks to innovative solutions, the distribution of workwear and other protective equipment becomes simple and convenient.

Vending machines are often called vending machines, vending machines or machines for dispensing gloves or tools. They are also known as industrial vending machines that are perfect for issuing protective masks. The devices we produce are also known as a health and safety distributor, glove distributor or simply as a safety and health machine. Many mistakenly name them as health and safety dispensers but distribution machines are simply dispensing machines. Vending machines for the distribution of occupational health and safety products and vending machines, safety vending machines and more broadly as vending machines for dispensing products or an automatic safety cabinet. So please always call them Dispensing Machines!