Our mission is the delivery of highly processed products in the range of sheet metal treatment technology and machining on CNC machines, including galvanic treatment and painting. We understand and meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We guarantee full satisfaction of taken up cooperation. ZAP-Kooperacja Sp. z o.o. is totally engaged in customer satisfaction thanks to the employees’ involvement and continuous improvement. Management of ZAP-KOOPERACJA Sp. z o.o. is aware of the influence of its activity on the environment and undertakes to act in the environmentally friendly way, creating the image of company safe for the environment.


Our strategic goal for the future years is the strengthening of market position and a picture of the company as a competent and reliable business partner. The company still wants to specialize in the current range of goods and also to implement its own goods into production on the basis of existing technology by keeping up with the highest standards in the scope of environmental protection. Organizational development will proceed towards the creation of a holding company. Our goal is to reach full harmony with customer requirements and to fulfill or even exceed all his expectations. We will work on teamwork development with properly trained employees and continuously improve our processes and products. This will be achieved through our commitment to cooperation with our clients, interested parties, energy of teamwork and ability to deliver results of our work on time and with determined budget.

Targets of the system – critical success factors

The continuous increase of customer satisfaction.

Systematic monitoring of the market, its needs and demands.

Management system computerization and shortening the lead time of order.

Gaining of new customers and minimizing the number of cooperation resignations.

Increasing the selling value, simultaneously reducing the costs

Taking care of continuous technical and technological development of goods by close cooperation with

customer and respecting the natural environment.

Selection of suppliers and subcontractors that meet the requirements of IMS.

Systematic increasing of workers qualification and pro-environmental awareness

Using the flexible price policy

Within the Integrated Management System we undertake to observe the applicable regulations and others associated with the identified environmental aspects, prevent the pollution caused by run activity and continuous improvement of implemented Integrated Management System.

Quality statement

Our goal is to deliver goods and services in a quality that gains Customers’ recognition and contribute the least environmental burden. The quality means for us the Customer’s satisfaction and his expectations are the goals for us. Involvement in quality starts from Management that supervises quality management system, takes periodical survey and points the goals.

All actions shall be oriented on discrepancies prevention, costs reduction, team-solved problems on the basis of continuous data analyzing. Responsible for quality are all workers properly to their position in the company.

Management of ZAP-KOOPERACJA Sp. z o.o. is responsible for defining of the Integrated Management System policy.

The Integrated Management System policy is announced within the company, to our Customers and other interested parties.

It is placed in the headquarter of the company and placed in the Integrated Management System Book.

The Integrated Management System policy is periodically reviewed to assure its constant suitability and usefulness.

The President of Board

Zenon Pawlak